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Control system design

Do you want to stand out as a forerunner in your field?

Complex CAN control systems are our specialty. We design new control systems and also adapt new solutions to old, already existing systems. We offer market leaders of various industries solutions that help their products and services become forerunners and make them stand out from the competition thanks to their new features.

With the systems we design, your machines will achieve next-level efficiency and smartness. We always aspire to create solutions that improve the productivity of our customers’ operations and increase the life cycles of the systems designed by us as much as possible. Our solutions will endure and will also continue to serve in the more advanced operating environment of the future. We capitalize on existing technology as much as possible and only develop products that do not exist yet.

Collaboration produces insights and product development

We work in close cooperation with the customer to ensure that we get to the true core of the challenge. This helps the customer realise what they truly need, and us to understand what we need to deliver to the customer. Dialogue with the customer often produces new insights and product development. Careful examination also allows us to get rid of overlapping functions or unnecessary features. We can be involved right from the beginning, or as part of a larger system design or the customer’s own development team.

Security and documentation – done!

We know and comply with the norms relating to the customer’s industry and only offer components that conform to the relevant standards. We understand the challenges relating to security and always make sure to document things carefully.

Our expertise is based on several years of practical experience in various industries, all around the world. Our work is founded on our strong theoretical competence. We have provided our know-how in various development projects relating to maritime transport, railway services and motor and air traffic. We have also worked with the pharmaceutical and materials handling industries, as well as the defence forces.

You can start the design with Pre-Study

You can easily get started with our specially developed service product, Pre-Study.

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We can help you with the following challenges in system design:

  • Structural engineering
  • SW division into modules (interfaces and rough performance)
  • Designing an application
  • Definition of modules (interfaces) for an application
  • Designing a module
  • Detailed performance of modules
  • Module implementation
  • Programming or importing modules from a library or system model
  • Application integration
  • Combining modules or linking them to applications / importing them from a library or system model
  • System integration
  • Connecting applications to the system

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