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Let TK Engineering help you become a CAN technology expert!

We organise training and courses for companies and educational establishments in specifically tailored packages. Our training is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. As well as tailored courses, we organise training that is open for anyone interested and announce these separately on our website.

Tailored courses

We design our courses to meet the needs of the target group. The training is offered at either basic or expert level. The content of the courses is designed customer-specifically.  We can focus in great detail on individual subjects, such as programming or trouble shooting, during the training. The training can also consist of instruction relating to the functionality of CAN technology at a more general level.  

Training is available for single individuals or for a larger group. We also implement full-scale study modules for various educational establishments. In such cases, the courses can be formulated as basic training and advanced courses. 

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Ready-made study modules and courses

We organise precision training for distinct subject areas in order to strengthen and deepen expertise in CAN technology.

Our ready-made study modules and courses can be found here by subject matter:


  • CAN Basics
  • CAN Troubleshooting
  • CAN Alternative topologies
  • CAN FD
  • Difference between CAN and CAN FD
  • CAN FD specific requirements in physical layer – application layer


  • CANopen Basics
  • CANopen Programming Basics
  • CANopen Advanced
  • CANopen Device profiles
  • Safety in CANopen
  • System management process in CANopen


  • J1939 Basics
  • J1939 Frame formats
  • J1939 Physical layers
  • J1939 Transport layers
  • Application: J1939 database
  • Application: J1939 network analyzer


  • Education on CAN diagnostics.
  • Covered topics:
    • Termination errors
    • Cabling errors
    • Connection errors
    • Configuration errors
    • Topology errors
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